"Good is a language on which the dumb can speak and which the deaf can hear."

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Maria Avramchuk, Kyiv

Date of birth: 25.10.2004
Diagnosis: congenital malformation, lumbosacral spina bifida, internal subcompensation hydrocephalus, moderate mental underdevelopment, paralytic scoliosis.

Maria Avramchuk

Even best specialists didn’t give chances to this child.

Parents started having a hope when they found out about Mrs. Slawow’s method “Doman Plus” (“Neuro-Re-Education”). Maria’s family is applying this method for 2 years already.

Results: Maria obtained a cross pattern of crawling, slowly she started using both legs and both hands, she has improvements in vision (almost doesn’t have strabismus), hearing, manual and motor skills, deals with difficult math tasks (even adults can’t always understand them). Also Maria learned how to read, knows hundreds of words and objects, understands everything, recently started talking (pronouncing words). Her digestion became much better, allergies disappeared, she almost never gets sick, her general condition improved.


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