"Good is a language on which the dumb can speak and which the deaf can hear."

K. Bovy

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Oleksandr Koval, Odessa

Date of birthday: 20.08.2002
Diagnosis: atypical autism, hyperkinetic conduct disorder, underdeveloped language.

Alexander Koval

It’s already 7th year of Sasha’s work on Bozena’s program. This method became his lifestyle.

Results: initially Sasha was a lost autistic child with huge physiological and intellectual problems, and now Sasha is a regular pupil of a regular school in Odessa. Moreover he reads better then anyone in his class, has good writing skills and al girls like him =). This is a result of a hard work of his mom Lena, who did everything Bozena recommended. Sasha doesn’t get sick, gets easily used to new environment, is absolutely adequate socially, his physiology became perfect. Lena did a huge detoxification of his organism, and thanks to that his digestion improved, and it positively influenced all the rest of his functions.


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