"Good is a language on which the dumb can speak and which the deaf can hear."

K. Bovy

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Nikolay Shirokov, Kyiv

Date of birthday: 30.07.2009
Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis with a primary lesion of the legs, microcephaly, resulting from birth trauma.

Mykola ShirokovKolya is working on Bozena’s program for almost 2 years.


Kolya’s mother Irina said:

Our life became different. But for this moment our son has changed too. Thanks to this program he almost doesn’t have seizures, he became more mature neurologically and more strong physically. His hearing and vision improved. For now we are learning to read using the program of intellectual development, which is the part of Doman Plus method. Kolya tries to crawl and stands on all four, his chest grew and his scull started changing so his head grew a bit. He doesn’t have permanent cracklings, started pronouncing some words. He became healthy, has regular defecation (which is very important for such kids!). I feed him not during an hour like before, but maximum during 30 minutes. He became totally different. And we know we will do everything for him to be completely healthy, he will become a regular member of society”.




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