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Direct help to Vitya Dzema

Charitable Foundation “Live!” not only helps brain injured children and their families but also magically presents them to people who wants and are ready to support their treatment and development.

direct help

Vedic astrologer Marianna Polonski and participants of her seminars in Kyiv are exactly such people. They turned out to be supporters and not indifferent members of our society, who collected funds and gave this money to a family of Vitya Dzema, who has brain injuries. Exactly this much of money was needed to his parents to buy an orthopedic mattress for their son.

Charitable foundation “Live!” and family of Vitya Dzema are grateful to Marianna and participants of her seminar for their not indifference to the child’s destiny and their financial aid to his family.

Site of the Vedic astrologer Marianne Polonski - www.vedicway.com.



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