"Good is a language on which the dumb can speak and which the deaf can hear."

K. Bovy

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Direct help

Charitable Foundation "Live!" decided to dedicate the spring beginning to help to children who are working on Bozena Bejnar-Slawow’s program (method of Neuro-Re-Education or Doman Plus method).

visit to Victor Dzemy

We want to remind you that on Fabruary 22nd CF "Live!" held a charitable poker tournament which was supported by Poker Club "Kreschatik" and company "Metro Media Print", and was the first but not the last event of a number of charitable events.

In the beginning of March representatives of CF "Live!" visited some Doman families and gave them presents.

Each child’s rehabilitation program consists of many elements. So families who are in our care permanently need to be supplied with some stuff which is needed for exercises.

One of the most important things in rehabilitation program are a special diet which consists of non-gluten and non-casein products and intellectual program or reading program, how parents are used to call it. That’s why we decided to give these families special products which don’t contain dangerous elements for children’s systems, and different pictures which are called bits in Doman families.

For now we succeeded in giving presents to Vitya Dzema, Masha Avramchuk, Sasha Koval, Efim Podlesnov, Masha Slovachevskaya and Kolya Shirokov.


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