"Good is a language on which the dumb can speak and which the deaf can hear."

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Good with excitement

On February 22, on the International Day of Corporate Social Responsibility, a series of charity tournaments on intellectual sports was launched. The first in the series was the charity poker tournament, which took place thanks to the sponsorship of Khreschatyk PC and Metro-Media-Print.


In an effort to provide our little Ukrainians with a healthy future, BF "Live!" is doing everything possible to organize a seminar and consultations of international specialists in the methodology "Doman Plus" in Kiev (method "Neuro-Per-Teaching") Goddess Beinar Slavov.

The first step towards reaching this goal was a charity poker tournament whose main task is to draw public attention to the problems of children with brain damage and limited motor skills, namely, the question of the financial deadlock, which involves virtually all families trying to cure their little ones

More than 30 representatives of the largest Ukrainian companies came to support our idea, and took part in an interesting and exciting game.

Special thanks for participating in the tournament we would like to express to such companies as: "Sport & Money", Obolon FC, "Metro Media Print", advertising agency "WOM", Billiard club "K71", Edipresse Ukraine, magazines "Viva!", "Your baby".



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